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All comments, suggestions, questions or other inquiries directly related to the website and its contents or functionality should be e-mailed directly to me at

[email protected]

I readily welcome constructive criticism, suggestions and ideas to further the scope of North Sea Research. Please do not send me mail containing the real names of patients nor their caregivers names. All communication between a doctor and their patient is priveleged by laws which vary from state to state. In order to avoid any legal actions to you or myself, I will require that complete anonymity be used in correspondance pertaining to specific individuals.

Abusive or derogatory e mails will be ignored and their source IP's blocked from further communication as well as being turned in to their local ISP. Remember, every time you send an e mail, your IP address is delivered along with it and is trackable right down to your home computer.

Spammers either in the forum or by e-mail will be blocked and reported.

If you need assistance in finding help, organizations, mental health facilities or support groups in your local area, please send me an e-mail with your town and a brief description of what kind of help you are looking for and I will assist you in finding something close to your home. There is no charge for this service and I will respond to your mail within 24 hours.
[email protected]



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